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Bed & Breakfast and Tables d’hôtes at the Château with a breathtaking view on the Loire Valley, in Oudon, close to Nantes.

Château Haute Roche is located in the charming village of Oudon, nestled between Nantes and Angers. Priority is placed on providing classic comfort in each spacious suite with high quality linens and large windows showing all the shades of light as they bow across the Loire Valley.

Frequently hot air balloons provide a pop of orange or a swath of blue as they float above the painted landscape of small villages, grand gardens and lush forests home to resident wildlife.

The chateau is newly renovated with carefully selected fabrics and interior décor to create the magical bridge between the distant past and the comforts of a modern home. Rich, warm shades of dusk and slate contrast the fresh, white bedding in every room.
Each en-suite boasts clean lines against hard surfaces of glass, light and tile. The final touches of vintage mid-century Scandinavian furniture add a definitive flavor to the contemporary design.

With sweeping views of the valley, guests enjoy private moments of solitude or festive evenings with new and old friends. Our homemade breakfasts combine the flavors of the garden, fresh home made breads and eggs from our free range castle hens. We are pleased to offer a four course evening meal on request ( 47 € all taxes included ), prepared by chef Lars Johansson. Chef Johansson takes great pride in sourcing ingredients locally grown in the nearby farms and wineries of the Loire Valley.

Complete your day at the
Tabled’Hôtes with an evening meal prepared by
the chef Lars Johansson.

When staying at the Château,
do discover the main tourist attractions of our beautiful region.

Near the charming village of Oudon and the dynamic city of Ancenis, located between Angers and Nantes, Château Haute Roche can be the starting point or the final touch of your visit to the Loire Valley. Haute Roche is a perfect homebase if you want to visit our beautiful region.

Be it for a quick get-away, a romantic weekend or a festive party, it’s up to you! One thing is for sure: your stay at Haute Roche will be a relaxing, refreshing break from reality.

Enjoy an aerial view of the Château Haute Roche by clicking on the video.